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Car Insurance and Home Insurance from Cornhill Direct Insurance
Car Insurance

 Details of Cover

Our standard cover includes a compulsory excess which is determined by your car type, and you can choose from a range of voluntary excesses ranging from £0 to £750. For a summary of our cover, and the main exclusions which may apply, please read the Policy Summary Sheet or, for full policy details, please read our Policy document.

Terms and conditions apply.

Quick reference table

This table shows you the highlights of the cover and the main limitations to the cover. For full policy details you should refer to the car policy booklet.

Just look at what you get with our fully comprehensive car insurance:

Why take out car insurance with Cornhill Direct Limits of cover
Liability to others
Up to £20,000,000
Emergency medical expenses
Within territorial limits of the policy
Loss of or damage to your car
Subject to the terms and conditions in your schedule
Accident recovery of your vehicle, the driver and up to 5 passengers, home, to an approved garage or to your destination
If an approved garage can be located within 10 miles of the incident
New car cover – new replacement car
Your car is less than 12 months old, is damaged beyond reasonable repair and you have owned it from new.
Medical expenses – for persons being carried in your car if they are injured in an accident involving your car
Up to £200 per person for medical, surgical, or dental fees
Veterinary expenses – for your domestic dog or cat being carried in your car if they are injured in an accident involving your car
Up to £200 per animal for veterinary fees
Windscreen damage – repair or replacement
£75 excess and a maximum of £250 if you do not use an approved repairer
Personal belongings – excluding money and securities, jewellery, mobile phones, goods connected with trade
Up to £200 whilst in your car
Personal belongings – wheelchairs, prams, child pushchairs and carrycots
Up to £400 whilst in your car
Personal belongings – replacement child car seats and booster seats
Whilst in your car
Personal accident cover for you and your spouse or civil partner – covers death, total and permanent loss of sight in one or both eyes or loss of one of more limbs
£5000 if injured whilst in, on or getting in or out of your car and the person is 75 years of age or less
Replacement locks – for lost or stolen keys, provided you report the loss to the police within 24 hours
Up to £500

We do not pay the first £150 of any claim (except for windscreens). Terms and Conditions apply.