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Car Insurance and Home Insurance from Cornhill Direct Insurance
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 Garage Insurance

Garage insurance is more of a priority for many homeowners these days. Garages are often used as more than somewhere to keep the car or bicycle– they can be workspaces, storage areas and playrooms.

With home contents insurance from Cornhill Direct, garage insurance is included, along with protection for sheds, greenhouses and outbuildings. This covers loss or damage to contents of up to £7,500, protecting against risks including fire, theft, flooding and tree damage.

Top tips for keeping your garage safe

  • Keep your garage door locked and windows secure
  • If you have a combination lock for your garage door, or an automated system with code entry, change the combination from time to time
  • Windows can be particularly vulnerable – positioning a thorny plant underneath them makes them trickier to access from outside
  • Don't leave garden tools outside; they can be used to help force entry
  • Keep expensive tools locked in a secure cupboard or heavy box, to prevent easy removal should thieves gain access to your garage or outbuilding
  • If you have a burglar alarm on your house, consider extending its protection to your garage 
  • Many thieves will be put off by light – a motion-sensor-activated floodlight may do the trick 
  • Lag any exposed taps and pipes to help prevent them freezing
  • Keep an eye on trees growing close to your buildings, and take early action against heavy branches overhanging your property
  • Electrical fires don't just happen in the home – keep appliances such as lamps, power tools and radios switched off at the wall when not in use.

For more ideas on how to prevent a claim on your garage insurance, see the Metropolitan Police's crime prevention pages.

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