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Car Insurance and Home Insurance from Cornhill Direct Insurance
Household Economy

Money saving tips and ideas for your home, car,
family and household.

Top tips on saving money on all those hidden extras that can see the cost of living spiraling.

Money saving tips for your home

  • Shop around online for a better mortgage rate
  • Cut your home insurance premiums by improving your home security
  • Consider using a water meter to cut your water bills
  • Use a supermarket price-comparison website to cut your food bills

Money saving tips for your car

  • When driving, change up a gear at 2,000 rpm (diesel) or 2,500 RPM (petrol) to save fuel
  • Use both online comparison sites and insurers own websites to get a good deal and compare cover levels for your car insurance.
  • Use a car-sharing scheme to cut your motoring costs further
  • Slash your commuting - and get fit - by cycling into work

Money saving tips for borrowing and saving

  • Prioritise your debts - pay off the debt with the highest interest rate first
  • Switch credit cards to take advantage of 0% interest rate offers
  • Put aside a fund to cover emergencies
  • Check your credit rating and work to improve it

Money saving tips for life's added extras

  • Keep a money diary of everything you spend then review it after a month for possible areas to cut outgoings
  • Set aside time to review your finances at the end of each week and month
  • Educate your kids about money to strengthen family finances
  • Try to buy only essential items - cut back on luxuries