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Press Releases

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Date Nov 19, 2008
Are you overworked and underpaid? And thatís before you even get out of the house?
Date Nov 19, 2007
Householders are risking financial heartbreak by not protecting their homes from the winter weather, according to a new survey.
Date Oct 22, 2007
Householders planning to hold a bonfire party are being reminded that they can be held legally responsible if any of their guests or a neighbour is injured by a stray firework.
Date Sept 28, 2007
Brits have a staggering £4.6 billion of cash lying around in their homes, according to a shocking new survey.
Date Sept 3, 2007
The Cornhill Direct household contents policy covers student possessions up to a value of £3,000 for any one claim when living away from home and attending college or university.
Date Aug 9, 2007
Rugby fans planning to drive to France to watch the World Cup in September are being urged to make sure they are properly prepared for driving abroad.
Date July 30, 2007
Sceptical Brits are convinced tradesmen bump up their prices when they're working on an insurance job, according to a new survey.
Date July 17, 2007
Nearly one in five people say they do not feel safe in their own home at night, according to a new survey.