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Press Releases

Press Releases

Date Sep 17, 2007
It's official - university students studying politics will party the hardest and do the least amount of work according to a new survey.

As thousands of students head off to university, the poll revealed that almost a third of students say they spend more time partying than studying, with students studying politics doing the least amount of studying and spending the smallest amount of time in lectures.

The survey of 1,000 students by Cornhill Direct revealed that the average student hits the town three times each week.

Medical students spend the most time with their nose buried in a book, but our future doctors don't spend every minute of the day working as they are the most likely to miss a lecture because of their hangover.

In total, students miss an average of four lectures each month to let them recover from their hangovers and a staggering 40 per cent decide to skip the whole day.

41 per cent of students admit they do sometimes feel guilty about the amount of partying they do compared to the time they spend studying.

Mark Bishop, a spokesman for Cornhill Direct, said: "I suspect our survey confirms what many parents already suspected - a lot of partying goes on at university."

The fit folk studying sport are the least likely to miss full day due to their hangover, while drama students are unlikely to skip a lecture to recover from their partying.

Despite this, the thespians are third in the list of top partying courses, behind geography and politics.

A lucky one-in-ten students even get a helping hand from their parents who give them money to help fund their nights out.

Mr Bishop added: "We know from the insurance claims we receive from parents that the university lifestyle can leave students vulnerable to theft from their rooms. These days, students take a lot of electrical kit to university such as laptops, MP3 players and mobile phones, so they do need to be insured. Parents often do not realise that their contents insurance policy will generally provide enough cover for their son or daughter at university so they do not need to buy a stand-alone student policy."


Notes for Editors:  

1. Top 5 partying courses
  Top 5 studying courses
    Maths and Accountancy
    Arts and design
    Business and Marketing
  2. The survey of 1,000 students by OnePoll was conducted in August 2007.  

3. Student Insurance  
    If parents want to include their child’s possessions on their home contents policy, they do not need to info rm Cornhill Direct in advance unless they want cover in excess of £3,000.
    If that is the case, Cornhill Direct requires the address and postcode of where the child will be residing while at university and the sum insured required (an extra premium may be charged as a result of this).
    For the shorter breaks, including Easter and Christmas, then providing their room within the halls is secure, students can leave their possessions there and still be covered. For the longest break over the summer, Cornhill Direct would expect the all possessions to be returned to the main residence.
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