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December 2008
As we put the final touches on the tree, write cards by the fire, and wonder if we'll ever get everything shopped-for, cooked and wrapped in time for Christmas, thoughts about crime and security may be far from our minds.
December 2008
You don't have to wind the clock back too far to see the effect that computers and gadgets have had on our lives. In just the last 10 years or so, the way we communicate, listen to music, watch films - and take, store and view photos - has changed almost beyond recognition. And the pace of change isn't about to slow down.
November 2008
The weather on our small island may be gloriously unpredictable but, last year's flooding apart, the surprises that it throws are normally short-lived, and they're rarely too serious compared to the worst seen in other parts of the world.
September 2008
It's an exciting time when your children head off to university. There's the joy of discovering new friends, the late nights and the parties..........
August 2008
We've all had that moment when a young driver pulls up alongside us at the traffic lights, stereo booming, and starts revving their engine. As the lights change..........
18th August 2008
With petrol prices having risen so much lately, escaping by car may not be as affordable as it was a year ago..........